Happy Autumn! Here's A Quick Update from We the West

Happy Autumn! Here's A Quick Update from We the West

Hello basketball fans, partners, and stakeholders!  

We hope this post finds everyone healthy, happy, safe, and dreaming of an alternate reality where the Raptors are still in the playoffs.

So much has happened over the last six months as we've all been rising to the challenges that COVID-19 presents.  And while we all continue to manage and adapt to changes individually, our whole team is doing so as well, as we plan for our event next year. 

Since March we have not taken our feet off the court—so to speak—and instead doubled down on our collective efforts towards making We the West Basketball Festival the most exciting cultural and sporting event in Canada next year. 

In case you’ve missed anything, recent activities and milestones include, 

  • Launch of our official website
  • Launch of our official social media channels (and plenty of content posted since!)
  • Circulation of community and partner outreach materials and event info decks
  • Planning of additional festival components (to be announced soon!)
  • Continued engagement with government and health authorities to ensure we have all the latest news regarding COVID-19 protocols

To our ticket package holders for the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament—thank you again for sticking with us. We will be communicating with you regularly as we learn more about FIBA and the IOC's plans for 2021. 

Until then, let's all stay healthy, focussed, and together, because We the West