Outside The Lines:
Court Mural Project


A mashup of sport meets art.

Witness powerful and awe-inspiring works of visual art unfold, as artists and muralists reimagine what a basketball court can look like. Ten courts throughout the Capital Region will be transformed like never before, breathing new life, new conversations, and new possibilities into these important public spaces.


Where are the murals being painted?

The murals are being painted on outdoor basketball courts around the Capital Regional District. As they’re completed, we will update this page with their locations and share. 

I’m a muralist, can I paint a court?

If you’re a muralist who’s interested in this project please contact us.

I know of a court that would look awesome with a fresh coat of paint, can you include it in this project?

Please send us any courts that you think would look great with a fresh new look. Of course we can’t paint every court in the city, but we will listen to all ideas!

How can I keep up to date with Outside the Lines: Court Mural Project news?

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