Outside the Lines Court Muralist: Jake "TikTok" Johnston

Outside the Lines Court Muralist: Jake

Witness powerful and awe-inspiring works of visual art unfold, as artists and muralists reimagine what a basketball court can look like. Ten courts throughout the Capital Region will be transformed like never before, breathing new life, new conversations, and new possibilities into these important public spaces.

Our fifth instalment of Outside the Lines: A Court Mural Project features Jake "TikTok" Johnston. Read on to learn more about Jake and his abstract geometric court design at Veteran's Memorial Park!

Artists: Jake "TikTok" Johnston
Mural Location: Veteran's Memorial Park, Langford
Instagram Handle: @jaketiktokjohnston


Jake Johnston, also known as ‘TikTok’ (a creative pseudonym founded in 2004) is an Abstract Geometric Artist currently working out of Vancouver, BC. His youthful mischievousness would initially enter him into the world of art via the avenue of Graffiti, teaching him the tools and techniques that are currently used in his paintings today.

Using masking techniques and aerosol to form his compositions, usually over stained wood panels or router cut MDF, his approach to execution shows a disciplined workmanship that mirrors his ‘everything in its right place’ habits. TikTok’s striking assemblage and nite execution can be summarized as nothing short of Meticulous.