Hoops of Victoria

Hoops of Victoria

Welcome to our "Hoops of Victoria" weekly Instagram contest. Each week, we'll be featuring a different basketball hoop and/or court from around the Capital Regional District on our Instagram feed. To enter the contest, simply head over to our Instagram page and follow the instructions under the latest contest post.

We'll be hooking up our weekly winners with We the West merch like hats, toques (eh), and t-shirts. On top of that, each weekly winner will be entered into a draw for our grand prize giveaway, featuring a VIP merch package, tickets to a FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament game, and more!

Big thanks to local photographer, Tyson Elder, who tracked down and photographed courts and hoops from around the Capital Regional District for us!

Week Three

Week Two Answer: ???
Week Two Winner: 

Week Two

Week Two Answer: Rockheights Middle School
Week Two Winner:

Week One

Week One Answer: Vic West Skate Park
Week One Winner: