Dans la peinture : Blog officiel de We the West

Jake Johnston, also known as ‘TikTok’ (a creative pseudonym founded in 2004) is an Abstract Geometric Artist whose mischievousness would initially enter him into the world of art via the avenue of Graffiti, teaching him the tools and techniques that are currently used in his paintings today.
Here on the coast, the W̱SÁNEĆ people have known that the land, sea, and sky are all intimately interconnected. The land gives nutrients to the sea and the moon guides the tides. This design emulates those beliefs.
“When We Grow Up” speaks to the relationship between sport, nature, and the human condition. A major theme in much of our work is nature and our place in it. Our design aims to draw parallels between Environment and Sport.
I wanted to come up with a design that riffs on the 3x3 court lines and also reflects the beauty of where we live on Lekwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ territories.
When I visited the pop-up court site I still wasn't sure what that would be. As I was about to leave a hawk started circling the trees and gave me my answer.